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Monde Design

Specializing in custom designed & personalized bridal accessories & wedding day gifts. Including wedding dress labels, garters, hankies, ring pillows, & more.

What is your name? Monde Design
Where do you call home? Kansas City
How old is your business? Since 2006
What’s your speciality? Custom embroidery wedding accessories
Location or coverage of your service / products? Worldwide
How I got into weddings: I was a floral designer for many years, so I have long had a love for weddings. I began my business in sewing and embroidery as a result of sewing for my children. However, I still keep involved with floral design working freelance with a local wedding floral designer. So it was an easy transition to go back to my love of weddings with Monde Design, and weddings are now my main focus (although I do still love sewing for my children, and costuming for local dance studios).
What is your favourite part of a wedding day? When the bride and groom see each other for the first time.
Best piece of advice you’d give to brides and grooms? Remember to breathe, and take it all in. It will be over so fast, try to be in the moment. One of my favorite things I have seen couples do in all my years of working weddings, is when they get a small side ballroom, or dining room, all to themselves and enjoy their wedding dinner and some time alone before going to the reception. It is a great way to slow down and to enjoy each other and the first moments of being husband and wife.
What is your dream travel destination? Europe
Any new year resolutions? Be creative and try new things!
Silver or Rose Gold? Silver
Peonies or Succulent? Peonies

MondeDesign - Member of the Etsy Wedding Team
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Angee W.

ANGEE W. is the original makers of the personalized photo lined clutches for brides, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride and groom. The photo personalization offers a very intimate and personal option to include a treasured memory into a fashion accessory.

Angee and Vincci’s work has been featured by Etsy Wedding, ELLE Wedding Magazine, Southern Weddings, Style Me Pretty and more.The Mother and daughter team believes that no two brides are the same and every wedding is a wonderful occasion for the Bride, her maids, and the mother of the bride and groom to shine with heirloom quality accessories that can be passed onto the next generation.  Since 2009, ANGEE W. has made, packed and shipped over 5000 clutch bags to over 30 countries and regions ranging from Sweden to South Africa and from Norway to New Zealand.

What is your name? Angee & Vincci
Where do you call home? Canada and Hong Kong
How old is your business? Since 2009
What’s your speciality? Handmade clutches with photo and embroidery personalization
Location or coverage of your service / products? Worldwide
How I got into weddings: The first item sold was a beautiful feathery clutch bag that Angee made for Vincci to wear at a friend’s wedding. At that time, their work filled the need for customized and personalized clutches in the wedding market and to date, the two have single handedly sewn, assembled, and packed over 5000 clutches that they have made in their Toronto and Hong Kong workshops.
What is your favourite part of a wedding day? The morning preparation, when both the bride and the groom are busy preparing themselves, physically and emotionally, for their big day.
Best piece of advice you’d give to brides and grooms? Don’t sweat the small stuff.
What is your dream travel destination? The Maldives
Any new year resolutions? In addition to the staying true to the classic wedding trends of 2016, the team hopes to launch a line of accessories of vintage travel wallet and clutch bag collection that was inspired by their own travels.
Silver or Rose Gold? Rose gold for sure!
Peonies or Succulent? The green succulent

ANGEEW Angee & Vincci Team
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Inspiration Fridays – Orange and Purple

A great way to add a little flare to your fall wedding is to mix oranges and purples! You can choose muted tones mixed with ivory for an elegant look, or go bold with bright oranges and purples. Especially this year, when Halloween falls on the last Saturday of the month, orange and purple can help you make a gorgeous statement at your October wedding!


Purple and Orange Polka Dot Invitations by Appleberry Ink

Amethyst and Copper Autumn Tiara by Thyme2Dream

Purple and Orange Silk Flower Bouquet by Bride in Bloom Weddings

Orange Flower Bridal Shoe Clips by Mikiye Creations


Plum and Orange Calla Lily Bouquet by Kate Said Yes

Personalized Monogram Cosmetic Bag by Aristocrafts

Orange and White Paper Cupcake Toppers by Go Against the Grain

Orange and Purple Flower Wedding Cake Topper by It Tops the Cake