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Feathers in Your Hair: Peacock Bridal Accessories

Colorful, wispy and fun, peacocks are so elegant, so beautiful and so perfect for weddings. One wonderful way to incorporate them in your wedding is through your hair accessories. From the Etsy Wedding Team, here are peacock inspired hair designs done 5 ways:

With Sparkle

For an extra luxe look, pair peacock feathers with interesting and detailed jewelry pieces. The more layers and different items added to your fascinator, the richer the overall affect. {handmade by hairbowswonderworld}

As a statement

Peacock feathers also make a great finishing details to larger statement designs. Here a single wispy feather completes the handmade floral hair piece, and makes it that much more special.  {handmade by MGMart}

In Different Colors

Love the texture, but need different colors? Peacock feathers can be dyed and bleached to more closely match other wedding palettes. {handmade by TessaKim}

With Just Color

Or you can simply capture the beautiful colors of peacock feathers in your hair style, as seen in these beads found at an estate sale. {handmade by LoveHonorUpcycle}

In New Shapes

Peacock feathers are versatile and can be pulled together to create new shapes and styles. {handmade by luly612}

Find more handmade inspiration by searching “etsyweddingteam” on Etsy.


Gorgeous Bridal Accessories: An interview with One Little Dove

Today’s interview features Melanie from One Little Dove.  Melanie is located in New York, NY.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a freshly-married lady from NYC, where i live with my dreamboat husband, David. by day, I’m a senior producer of websites for luxury brands, and by night, i get my craft on, making veils and fascinators. (you can blame my day job for my love of fancy things and obsession with getting the details right.)

What special things do you create for weddings?
i create veils & fascinators with clean lines and a vintage touch. i love that coco channel quote about taking one thing off before you leave the house; i think about that a lot when I’m creating new pieces.

Who or what sparked your interest in making wedding-related items?

i taught myself to make veils as a joke for my best friend’s bachelorette party–i made her an insane veil with rhinestones & feather crown. i thought it was ridiculous, but a few people at the party insisted that i should explore selling them. once i had some practice playing with different birdcage veil styles in preparation for my own wedding, i decided that those folks were on to something, and i opened up shop on etsy in 2009.

What is a little known fact, or something unique about your work that is interesting?

i feel strongly about maxing luxury-quality pieces, and am crazy about proper finishing. i always think about whether or not i would be happy wearing the piece for my own wedding, so if it takes an extra hour to finish an edging just so or get the positioning just right, to me, it’s worth the time.
If you are married, what’s the one thing you wish you had for your wedding that you didn’t?
i wish i hadn’t waited to make my veil until the last minute! it was a bit of a “the cobbler’s children have no shoes” situation–i spent so long trying to decide what i wanted to make for myself, that i ended up whipping up my veil an hour before the wedding. it came out well enough, but i would have liked to develop the idea a little better.

What is your favorite wedding song?
i love Ingrid Michelson’s “the way i am.” i am a sap.

What trends do you see happening in your specialty at the moment?
i see a lot of double-layer tulle & Russian net veils happening now, but it’s a difficult look to pull off. I’m also seeing more traditional-style veils cropping up, like the mantilla. I’ve begun to play around with some nontraditional variations on it, like my feather trim mantilla veil, which has been a whole lot of fun:
What is your favorite part of the wedding journey?
i really value the experience of wedding planning (i think it’s excellent practice for marriage), but my very favorite part was the vows. seeing my strong-guy husband well up while we read them was like no other moment.
What advice can you share for all the brides getting married this year?
when things get stressful, breathe and remember the light at the end of the tunnel. the day will be transcendental if you let it be.
What is your perfect honeymoon spot?
we went to greece… santorini is gorgeous!
If you could pick anyone famous that would purchase your items for their wedding, who would they
hands-down, Dita Von Teese. she’s got the perfect vintage luxury vibe.
If you could choose 1 item from your shop that you wish every bride could have, what would it be?
that would be my modern classic birdcage veil. it’s a classic design, and the magic of it is that it can be positioned in different ways, so it works with every face shape:
What are some of your favorite shops on Etsy, wedding or
I’m obsessed with afavorite ( they make the funniest thank-you cards… i will never stop buying the “you’re f@!%ing amazing” pack, it’s always gets a laugh.
Do you have a website, blog, where we can read more about you and your work?


photos by kellan studios:

Monday Spotlight with: Tiarasandfascinators

This weeks spotlight features Nicola from TiarasAndFascinators.
A few tidbits about Nicola:
She is located in Birmingham, UK, and her favorite color is green; “calming olive green, not neon headache green!”  A quirky fact about Nicola “I once slept in the same room as Arnold Swarzenegger… not at the same time though!”

Nicola’s favorite shop on etsy is WhichGoose  “I love her romantic, whimsical pieces, and they always make me want to run around a cornfield in a floaty dress!  I’m more of a window shopper these days, due to money being tight, but I have lots of favourites I love on Etsy.”
“I’ve just completed my first eBook which I am super proud of.   It’s brand new in my shop and is a step-by-step guide on how to make your own crystal snowflakes. Perfect for winter!

You can learn more about TiarasAndFascinators by following the links below: