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Work Space Feature: ANGEE W.

What is your name?
Angee and Vincci

Angee creating in one of our design brainstorm session.
Angee creating in one of our design brainstorm session.

What is your shop URL?

Angee hand sewing and hand beading Alencon lace and freshwater pearls onto a clutch bag
Angee hand sewing and hand beading Alencon lace and freshwater pearls onto a clutch bag

Where are you located?


Vincci sewing up a sample on our trusty 1970s Singer 288 sewing machine

How many years have you been in business, or have been a designer/artisian?

6 years

Angee cutting lace for a black lace clutch

Describe your workspace and/or tools or machinery you use.

Six years ago, we started our handmade clutch bag business on our trusty 1970s Singer sewing machine and since then moved onto a second hand industrial Brother sewing machine, an Elna for our more delicate works and a brother embroidery machine for our personalization and customization work.

The tools we use for our clutches also include several pairs of good tailer’s scissors, tailor’s chalk, pins and rulers (precision is a must for the impeccable construction of clutches — crooked clutches drive us nuts!)

Our Elna for our more delicate work with laces and tulle

What inspires you or compels you to stay creative?

Staying creative is hard especially that we are just two people working on the clutches, shipping and packing in addition to customer service. But once every season, we indulge in 1-2 weeks of material searching and market research to see how we can have our design complement the current bridal trends.

We also use our spare time during low wedding season to explore outside the box of traditional wedding materials to bring innovation into our work.

Trusty metal plate of pins and chalk place on top of our sewing machine, plate is secured with a piece of magnetic.

Tell us about your most recent project

Our most recent project included personalized minaudière or hard clutches. They are a pleasure to make and we are surprise by ourselves who we haven’t started this earlier. They will soon be available in December 2014.

Also, on the side, we are researching on new innovative materials that blends in technology and electronics in bridal accessories. We can’t tell much yet as we are still in the prototyping stage. But we know we are in the right direction and we’ll be launching something quite unique in Spring 2015. So, do stay in touch by liking our Facebook page, Instagram, twitter, and Pinterest.

A spread of our tool box and other stuff.

What is your typical day like from the time you wake up until you go to bed?

Since we are two living in two cities. Angee, who is in Toronto, would start her typical day at 8 am in the morning and she’d start crafting photos onto the lining and preparing the shipping labels and packing clutches that we are ready for the post office. Lunch is at noon. The afternoon are mostly dedicated to making photo lined or customized clutches as well as checking out the fabric stores on Queen Street West Toronto for supplies that she’d need. Angee’s work day usually ends at 5-ish when she’d start preparing for dinner while spending some time with her niece’s one year old.

Vincci, who lives in Hong Kong, would start her day at 8 am with dropping her daughter to a playgroup, where she’d spend about 2 hours taking care of Etsy convos in the waiting room of the pre-school. She’d usually have lunch with her little one before heading out with her laptop to a coffee shop or to a local library for her marketing and promotion duties. Sometimes, when the little one naps, she’d spread swatches of fabric and laces out on the dining table and start designing within the 1.5 hour time frame of her toddlers naps! The afternoons usually is a mix of her toddler designing with her or her crashing onto bed at 7 pm after a long day of meetings out with clients. She is very thankful that she has a fully supporting husband who also works at his own time. But life is a big happy juggle.

Any other pertinent info you would like to add?

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