New Item of the Day from the Etsy Wedding Team

From time to time, we will be posting newly created items from members of our Etsy Wedding Team.  Today, we are featuring items from LavenderPaperie!


AnnMarie from LavenderPaperie says “We are excited to share one of our hottest designs this season, lace with GLITTER wedding invitations. It’s all about the glitter this season. Take a look at our etsy shop for some of our other glitter invitations.”  To shop this design and other items from LavenderPaperie, click on the picture below.

Coco Glitter and Lace Wedding Invitation by LavenderPaperie
COCO Glitter and Lace Wedding Invitations by LavenderPaperie
COCO Glitter and Lace Wedding Invitations by LavenderPaperie

Stop back again soon as we post more new items from the talented members of the Etsy Wedding Team!

Inspiration Friday: Romantic Wedding

Today, we are featuring items from the Etsy Wedding Team for a wedding full of romance.

1. Crystal and Pearl Bridal Headpiece by Hairbows Wonder World
2. Large Wedding Bird Cage Card Holder by Mackensley Designs
3. Vintage Lace Wedding Invitation by Appleberry Ink

4. Bridal Clutch with Embroidered Organza by Belle Jou Jou
5. Photo Thank You Post Card by Mavora Art and Design
6. White Winter Rose Clay Floral Bouquet by Parsi
7. White Lace and Pearl Hair Comb by One World Designs

8. Lavender Rose Silk Wedding Bouquet by Kate Said Yes
9. Vintage Garden Wedding Invitation by Sunshine and Ravioli
10. Wedding Garter Set in Ivory with Swarovski Crystals by Sugarplum Garters

*Created by Karen from It Tops The Cake


WorkSpace Features: Cottontail Digital Press

Adrianne Curran the designer behind Los Angeles, California based Cottontail Digital Press has been in business for 5 years.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 7.17.35 PM

Describe your workspace and/or tools or machinery you use.

I’m very fortunate that this year we moved into a larger space and I was finally able to set up a proper home office and production area. Most of my work is graphic design so I mostly use the computer for design/creating and sending emails. Some of my orders are printed off site, for anything I print in-house I have my large format Epson printer by my side. I feel like my printer is like my co-worker, some days we get along and other days we fight and it eats all my paper.

I also have a nice wooden table for all my cutting, tearing, perforating and packing needs. I’m lucky enough to have a husband who understands why 1/3 of the storage space in our home is dedicated to paper, envelopes and other business supplies.

One unique feature about my home office is that I share it with my husband. He is creative as well and works in the video game industry. So while I’m working away making lovely wedding invitations, it’s not that uncommon for me to turn around to see him working on a gruesome monster for his game.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 7.15.58 PM

What inspires you or compels you to stay creative?

I’ve always been creative. My mother loved to draw and we would spend out summer days outside drawing and painting. I was creative all through school and received my Master of Fine arts in 2006 from California State Universality, Long Beach. I studied Printmaking with a emphasis on metal engraving.

Being creative is a core part of who I am. I’ve always done music, dance and art. I can’t image doing anything else. I’m constantly inspired by the beauty I see in other artists/dancers. When I see something beautiful I’m always driven to make something myself.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 7.17.12 PM

Tell us about your most recent project

Recently I had to pleasure of working with a former co-worker on a destination invitation package for her wedding in Belize. She’s a very creative person herself so working with was more of a collaboration. It was great to sit with someone and exchange ideas. I’m so used to just presenting an idea to a client and having them say “yes” or “no”.

This project really pushed me to try new materials and take some risks. Destination weddings are always fun and it was great to work with so many new colors and papers.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 7.17.57 PM

What is your typical day like from the time you wake up until you go to bed?

6:30am- Wake up and take care of any household needs: Feed the Dog, Feed the Husband.
7:30am- Log into email and see what emails I need to respond to.
8:00-10:00am- Cut and package any orders that need to go out the door.
11:00-12:00- Drop packages off at main LAX post office. Then stop at Starbucks- a must for me!
12:00-1:00pm- Lunch time and walk the dog
1:00- 3:00pm – Work for “other jobs” I also do contract IT project management work.
3:00-6:00pm – Responding to emails, printing orders, replenishing supplies and emails, emails, emails.
6:00-7:30pm: Dance rehearsal – I belong to a belly dance troupe!
8:00pm – Have dinner with husband
9:00pm – Check email one last time to ensure there are not last urgent emails.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 7.19.32 PM

Any other information you’d like to share about yourself or your business?

In addition to wedding invitations I also work on other creative projects. Since I belong to the belly dance community here in Los Angeles I make a lot of dance collateral (Business cards, fliers, etc). I’ve also made album covers, holiday cards, Photoshop work and much more.

I also teach Introduction to Printmaking once a week. While I make all my wedding invitations using a digital printer, I still love to stay close to my roots of traditional printmaking- Linoleum cutting, metal plate etching, metal plate engraving, monoprinting and colograph.

To learn more about Cottontail Digital Press: