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Work Space Feature: Bride in Bloom

What is your name?

Bride in Bloom Weddings

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What is your shop URL?

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Where are you located?

Brooks, Alberta, Canada

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How many years have you been in business, or have been a designer/artisian?

I have been a certified floral designer for the past 10 yrs. However flowers & designing have been passion for me as long as I can remember. I began my journey by working as a in a small town flower shop & through the years I was drawn to weddings and soon discovered this to be my specialty, so now I design for weddings only. With the ever growing trend for destination weddings as well as brides desiring a silk wedding bouquet as a memorable keepsake, I was encouraged to open my Etsy store in 2010 and share my bouquets and accessories with brides everywhere.

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Describe your workspace and/or tools or machinery you use.

I design with high quality silk & real touch flowers, as well as design for fresh flower weddings that are locally based. The tools I use are floral tape, design knives, floral clippers, scissors, pliers & floral glue.

I recently moved into a new workspace. It is 632 sq foot, absolutely wonderful for production. I now have a design table, a shipping area, ready to ship section and an office space all in one large room. Previously I was using several rooms in the basement of my home. I had outgrown the workspace so this adjustment that has greatly helped my growing business.

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What inspires you or compels you to stay creative?

I love going to floral design shows to see what is new & innovative for the upcoming wedding season. Especially the hands on seminars, these are wonderful for learning what’s current in floral design. I always come away with fresh design ideas & new techniques from experienced designers. The European design shows are always fun & inspiring to take in.

Another wonderful inspiration is from my brides. They bring their ideas to me, flower, color & design choices based on their vision & dream. I love that, custom work is always exciting & unique to the bride.

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Tell us about your most recent project

I am most recently working on a bouquet design for a bride with the handle treatment incorporating material from her grandmother’s dress. I love this idea, a bouquet uniquely designed for her with a very special meaning as she carries it down the aisle, she will have a touching reminder of her grandmother in her hand.

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What is your typical day like from the time you wake up until you go to bed?

 The first part of my day begins with answering e-mails & setting up custom orders. I start my work day around 8am. It usually takes 2 hours to answer messages, then I print orders that have come in overnight. After a few coffees I start my design process, it is usually it is 10:00 or 11 before I start working on my orders. I try to start packaging & printing shipping labels by 3:00 to have the parcels ready for the post office by 5pm. When I return I usually check emails once again & then work at getting things ready for the next day. I wrap up by 6:00 to head home.

I love designing & I’m so very privileged to do what I love each day. All the hard work is so rewarding to see the happy brides, I love it when they share photos & count it as a privilege to be chosen as the florist. To have had a small part in making their day special brings me great joy!

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I started as a floral designer working with fresh and silk flowers in a small town flower shop. Through the years I was drawn to weddings and soon discovered this to be my specialty, so now I design for weddings only. With the ever growing trend for destination weddings as well as brides desiring a silk wedding bouquet as a memorable keepsake, I was encouraged to open my Etsy store and share my bouquets and accessories with brides everywhere.

I am so privileged to do what I love each day!

For more about Bride in Bloom:


Paper In Bloom-An Interview with St Jude’s Creations

Today we take a look at the beautiful work of the talented Maria Noble of stjudescreations. She uses the techniques taught to her by her mother to create customizable bouquets are perfect for the budget-conscious bride who desires a floral keepsake to remember her special day.

Where are you located? Bristol, CT 06010

Tell us a little about yourself. I am a part time web designer, a floral designer and the mother of a 3 yr old and 1 month old!

What special things do you create for weddings? I have made bridal bouquets, toss bouquets and paper flowers for arrangements, favor flowers in custom colors for the budget conscious bride. I do centerpieces, hair pieces also.

Who or what sparked your interest in making wedding-related items? My mother learned a tradition of making flowers and from the time I was young I used to see her make bouquets for brides and make flowers for arrangements. My house was always full of handmade flowers and everyone used to come and admire them. Now when I became a stay at home mom I decided to put my spin on her art and St Jude’s Creations was born. Many of my friends like the arrangements I made and hence it `bloomed’. I put up a web site and have been receiving orders through the site mainly.

What is a little known fact, or something unique about your work that is interesting? Paper flowers, these flowers are made from paper! That was mostly everyone say. I do flowers from many materials like fabric,clay,solabo wood too just that I haven’t been concentrating on them so much. It’s some thing I will be doing in the very near future.

If you are married, what’s the one thing you wish you had for your wedding that you didn’t? Hmmm…wish I did the reception arrangements!

What is your favorite part of the wedding journey? Kids!!!

What advice can you share for all the brides getting married this year? Plan early

What is your perfect honeymoon spot? Somewhere near the sea

If you could pick anyone famous that would purchase your items for their wedding, who would they be? I have been quite fortunate to have my paper flowers featured in an Oscar nominated movie starring Anthony Hopkins. The paper flowers the director ordered were featured in the movie for about 5 mins!

You can watch it here (seen only for a short time than in the movie) in a trailer here on YouTube:

Mathew Robbins contributing editor of Martha, (he does most of the bouquets in the magazine), ordered some flowers from me for a wedding, I was floored! Wish Martha would! (You can see the large paper flowers he ordered here

If you could choose 1 item from your shop that you wish every bride could have, what would it be? A bouquet of paper flowers as it would last forever and could be kept after the wedding

Links where we can find out more about your work: and my blog at or at