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Etsy Wedding Team Inspiration Board – Orange for Summer or Fall

For those brides who are lively and love color, orange is a great choice for your wedding’s color scheme! One of the best reasons to keep orange in mind is that it is a very versatile color, especially for the summer and fall months. This week, we decided to take a look at some of the ways your can use orange to brighten up your summer wedding, or use it to bring warmth to your fall wedding.


A great way to use orange for a summer wedding is to mix it with other bright vibrant colors! A popular choice is magenta or hot pink, but it also looks lovely mixed with bright greens, blues, or yellows. Even paired with classic white give a fresh, clean and vibrant look to your wedding!

Orange Wooden Flowers by Company Forty Two

Orange and Magenta Flip Flops by My Dream Wedding

Orange and Hot Pink Garter Set by Sugar Plum Garters

Orange, Aqua and Green Bridemaid’s Gift Bag by The Social Seam


As the leaves change, orange takes on a new role bringing warmth and color to potential color palettes. Many times orange is requested in a “burnt” tone to match the tones of the leaves as they change on the trees, but even some of the brighter oranges can still be used to create colorful fall weddings. Mixing any orange with brown, copper, purple and darker greens will give you a great fall look without using the traditional orange and red combination that many people associate with fall, which may appeal to many brides to be!

Orange Flower Design Invitation by Appleberry Ink

Orange Rose Bouquet by Blue Orchid Creations

Orange Rose and Purple Hydrangea Bouquet by Kate Said Yes

Wine Bottle Decoration by Beadz2Pleaz

Preserving Your Memories

We asked Vintage Retro and Rustic Wedding Invitations expert Adrianne of CottonTailPress for her expert advice on preserving your wedding memories.  Read on to hear what she had to say:

Getting married is one of the most special events in your life.  So many memories are made on your wedding day that’s its only normal to want to preserve that feeling of eternal bliss.  Besides the photos, there are many items left over from your wedding that that you will want to put on display as a reminder of your most special day.

You will want to frame some of your favorite photos, invitations and other souvenirs. These are more than just paper mementos; invitations can become family heirlooms that will want to be preserved for generations.  There are a few things you should that can help make your memories last as long as possible.


When you go to the store to pick out a frame you have a few choices, premade frames and custom frames.


Custom Framing can be expensive, but if you go to a local shop the framer will likely take great care with your memories and can guide you with picking out the best materials that will not destroy your memories over time. This is a great option if it’s in your budget to work with a professional.

Pre-Made Frames can fit anyone’s budget. Keep an eye out for a frame that comes with a mat. Many of the mats in pre-made frames are cheap and overtime will discolor your pictures and other items.  See below for materials to pick out if you will be framing yourself.


Mounting: The backing paper or paper you’ll be mounting your photos to should be labeled “Archival” or “Acid-Free”. Cheaper papers are slightly acidic and will “burn” over time. Have you seen old pictures that have yellow or brown marks on them? That’s because the paper had chemicals and glue inside of it that over time will disintegrate and damage anything that is in constant contact with it. When you are placing your picture in a frame, take out the cheap paper that comes in the frame and discard it. You can easily find archival paper at any craft store.

Glue/Adhesives: Luckily with the explosion of scrapbooking it’s easy to find archival tape and glue. It’s important to prevent any long-term damage to your memories.  Generic clear tape will over time eat away at the paper it’s adhered to.  It’s important to note that everything your photo or memento comes in contact with should be of “Archival” quality.  If you are framing an object like a veil or garter, don’t use glue, use 100% cotton thread and sew it to your backing material.

Mats:  Mats server 2 purposes :

1) Its aesthetic, to give the picture or item a border from the frame.

2) It separates the photo or item from the glass. You do not want your picture touching the glass as over time it can stick to the glass and tear the photo if you ever try to remove it from the frame.

When picking out a mat make sure it’s an archival one. Many cheap, ready-made frames will come with a mat that is loaded with acids that will discolor and eventually damage your photos.

Glass: Regular glass can be affordable and easily picked up a craft and home improvement stores.  If you are doing custom framing you have a few extra options: Non-Glare Glass and Museum Glass.

 Non-Glare Glass has a sort of frost on one side to prevent the glare from windows and lights. Keep in mind if you used a mat when framing it will lift the glass ever so slightly off the picture so when you get up close you’ll see the frost and loose details in your picture. Non-glare glass only works best when pressed up against the photo.

Museum Glass has a film on it that repels UV rays. It’s some of the most expensive glass. Unless you are framing something of significant cultural value or placing your frame in direct sunlight the cost might not outweigh the benefit. Museum glass is the most expensive.




Even after all the steps you’ve taken to preserve your memories, where you pick to display your memories has a huge impact on its longevity and survivability. A few simples rules will help preserve your frame’s memoires:

1) NEVER hang a picture in direct sunlight.  UV rays are incredibly damaging.  We’ve all seen stores who have outdoor posters that have no color left besides Cyan. UV light eat yellow first, then red. This can easily happen to your pictures at home. Make sure all frames are facing away from your windows.

2) Don’t hang anything special in your bathroom or kitchen. There is so much moisture lurking in there, it will find its way into the frame and cause mold/mildew and warping.

3) Don’t hang pictures underneath vents or areas with a big draft. Vents bring traveling air with that that moisture that can cause warping and moisture damage over time.

1Photo Credits (Clockwise)

KateSaidYes – Pink Peony Wedding Bouquet

AlisaBenay – French Alencon Lace Bolero with Sleeve

CottonTailPress – Rustic Country Wedding Invitation Save the Date – Printable File for DIY 


Since you can’t hang everything up there are a few items such as programs and menus that you may want to put in a storage box. To help make sure you memories last as long as possible, pick an archival box at your local craft store.  Keep your storage box in a cool dark place away from temperature extremes. Storing memories in an attic or barn can cause warping and moisture damage over time.

I worked in the custom framing and fine art industry for years and I can tell you these few tips and tricks can help make your memories last for generations. ~Adrianne

How to Save for Your Wedding

Wedding Cootie CatcherThe ‘B’ word. Budget. An ugly, yet totally necessary part of every wedding.

There are a lot of great calculators out there that tell you how to come up with your budget, but how do you save in the first place? Every day you’re presented with opportunities to spend your hard earned money; coffee in the morning, dinner out, that cute new summer dress. But keep in mind that every penny out of your pocket, means less money for your wedding budget.

Here are some everyday tips to get you on your way to saving for your big day.

Skip the Coffee – Sometimes you feel like you just can’t get through the morning without your favourite java/ It happens, and unfortunately that ‘necessary’ treat is silently draining your bank account. At roughly $4 a cup, every morning before work, you’re spending $80 a month on brown water. A better option is to brew at home and take it in a travel mug. Or better yet, cut the caffeine completely!

Eat In – Restaurants are convenient, but expensive. Cooking can be a fun activity for couples and leftovers can be taken for lunch the next day. But don’t despair, date nights are essential, so try to limit yourselves to one or two nights out a month. The money you save can be put towards your wedding cake or dinner for 150 of your closest friends and family.

Cut the Cable – With Netflix, Hulu and all the other online (and legal) options out there is cable really necessary? Consider $60 a month for cable or $8 a month for Netflix, the savings can be huge. Turn off the tv and talk, get out of the house and go for a walk, play with the dog or start writing those vows. It was hard for me to call the cable company and get it turned off, but 2 years later I don’t miss it one bit.

Ditch the Landline – In this day and age I don’t know many people who have landlines (under the age of 50), but if you have a cellphone and a landline, you really don’t need both. Save the $30 a month and put it towards tuxes.

Open a New Account – Now that you’re on your way to saving, you need somewhere to put all that extra cash. Open a high interest savings account and be sure to deposit all the money you’ve been saving. Even though interest rates are currently low, 1-2% is better than nothing. It also helps to keep your household and wedding budgets separate. When all your money gets clumped together into one account it’s easy to overspend and get off track, it’s better to separate so you know exactly how much you have to spend on your wedding.

Buy Second Hand – Because weddings are typically one day events, most decor items are lightly used and still in great condition. Check your local Craigslist, Gumtree and Kijiji listings for discounted wedding day decor. After your big day is over don’t forget to list your items and sell them to another bride looking to save some cash.

Sell, Sell, Sell – Look around and think about the things taking up space. That chair maybe? Or that old tv that no one watches? Now, think about what you could sell it for. This is an especially useful exercise if the two of you don’t already live together. Will you really need two couches, two dining room tables, etc? Get rid of it! Take some nice pictures and sell that stuff already!

Be a Coupon Queen – Couponing is huge right now, and for good reason. Coupons can save you a ton of cash, and you don’t have to be like those crazy ladies on TV either. Just flip through your local paper, sign up for a site like Groupon and when you see a coupon for an item you normally purchase, clip that baby and stop paying full price.

Stop Smoking/Drinking – This might be a hard one for some out there, but both habits can get really expensive. Staying home, when all your friends are hitting the bar, might not seem like the most ideal way to spend your Friday night. But when you’re toasting with champagne at your wedding all those lonely nights will be worth it!

Make the Commitment – As a couple you should sit down and decide what the two of you can do together to save money. None of these tips will work if only one person is on board. Maybe eating in restaurants is really important to your partner, or you just can’t imagine starting your day without Starbuck’s. Whatever it is, it’s important to agree on your money saving tactics as a couple. After all, isn’t marriage all about working together and compromise?

All these little things can really add up, especially when most couples spend a year or more planning for their wedding. And don’t forget, when your wedding is over keep saving and that honeymoon/new house/baby clothes can be right around the corner!

Sarah Gillis-Mazzei (DarlingGirlPaper) is a happily married designer and member of the Etsy Wedding Team. Her work can be found in her etsy shop and her blog