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WorkSpace Features: Amanda Archer Collection

Amanda Archer Collection based out of Chicago, IL has been in business designing wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses for over 5 years.

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The designer cutting lace fabric

Describe your workspace and/or tools or machinery you use.

I work in an office studio with 2 juki industrial sewing machines, cutting and pattern table, shipping table, racks of patterns I’ve drafted base off my designs and shelves full of fabrics and threads.  I have 2 large skylights so my studio is very bright and sunny during the day.

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Sewing machine

What inspires you or compels you to stay creative?

I love seeing photos of real weddings I’ve worked on, it gives me motivation and joy to see my dress designs in action.  I also get inspired by fabric and attend as many fabric shows as I can.  I collect vintage laces and use those as inspiration on new designs.  I read as many wedding magazines and blogs as I have time for to keep up with what’s going on in the industry.

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Bolts of fabric

Tell us about your most recent project

Recently I created a white eyelet and lace strapless gown with lace rose and pearl appliqués at the bodice, it was modeled at a recent bridal show in Chicago. It’s 100% cotton and very, very comfortable.  I’m also working on a new wedding gown collection for an upcoming photo shoot, they are all a combination of lace, eyelet, cotton or silk, in ivory, blush and white shades.

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What is your typical day like from the time you wake up until you go to bed?

When I wake up, I get ready for the day, feed my cat, clean or organize something at home.  Then I walk to work, my studio is about 10 minutes away. When I arrive I update my websites as needed, catch up on emails, review my production schedule for the day. I keep a monthly and weekly schedule so I can keep track of all the weddings and events I’m working on.  My days usually consist of one or more of the following:  Ordering fabric, pattern drafting (I make all my patterns), cutting and bundling fabric, sewing, hand stitching, pressing garments, packing and shipping.  Although I only design a couple dress collections per year I’m constantly thinking up new ideas and sketching them out as they come to me.  I keep a sketch pad and go back to pick out what I like best when I’m ready to create a new collection.  I’m expecting my 1st baby (it’s a girl!) in April, and will be taking a couple months off, when I return to working full time I’m sure my typical day will be a lot different!

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The designer working on draped dress design.

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WorkSpace Features with: @NatalieBriggs_

Natalie Briggs has been creating beautiful wedding garters for 2.5 years in Perth, Australia.



Describe your workspace and/or tools or machinery you use.

I have a whole room for my workspace so I am lucky! I have large table for my sewing machine and chair. I also use a glue gun for all the tricky bits that are too tricky to sew on. I use the rest of the room to store my materials and packaging!







Picture 26

What inspires you or compels you to stay creative?

I love to get the positive feedback from customers and knowing that these beautiful brides are wearing something that I have created for them on the most important day of their lives. I am also driven by success to see how i can improve my business everyday:)






Beads and Embellishments
Beads and Embellishments

Tell us about your most recent project.

I most recently created a new design for a custom order for a friend of a client. She has a beautiful piece of lace that she had kept from her great grandmothers wedding dress which she wanted to incorporate into her garter so it would stay in the family! I came up with a beautiful vintage style garter adorned with pearls and delicate lace.






What is your typical day like from the time you wake up until you go to bed?

I wake up at about 7:30am, check a few emails on my phone, have a big glass of green in

the morning, then I have a shower. I then head straight to the sewing room to make my orders for the day, I have lunch. Sometime i will get lunch whilst i am out if i need to stock up on supplies. I then do some social networking, update my blog, and spend a little time on the internet. If I get chance i am currently making extra garter to take to my local bridal shops to gain new stockists.






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