This week’s interview features Cherin Szul of Customized Wedding located in Hamilton, NJ.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I started my business over two years ago and have been managing it along with teaching full-time since. I love adding a bit of me to every wedding we supply a runner to. I very much enjoy my business and can’t wait until I’m able to do it full time…one day.

What special things do you create for weddings?
Custom, hand-painted aisle runners, table runners, banners, and parasols.

Who or what sparked your interest in making wedding-related items?
I was getting married myself and wanted to create my own aisle runner. I always loved coloring when I was younger and sort of thought of this as coloring (even though it’s painting) and just kept going with it ever since.

What is a little known fact, or something unique about your work that is interesting?
Our non-slip aisle runners are offered by only a handful of companies worldwide.

If you are married, what’s the one thing you wish you had for your wedding that you didn’t?
A cute card box. I had a bird cage that I just hated and it didn’t hold all of our cards. We destroyed it when the wedding was over and I never would have done that with a cute box.

What is your favorite wedding song?
Lost in this Moment by Big & Rich (my wedding song!)

What is your favorite part of the wedding journey?
All the details. They’re so much fun and enable everyone to express themselves, making their wedding unique.

What advice can you share for all the brides getting married this year?
Don’t forget the details. They are what you and your guests will remember.

What is your perfect honeymoon spot?
Somewhere on a beach/tropical island.

If you could pick anyone famous that would purchase your items for their wedding, who would they be?
I’d be honored to have any famous person purchase an item from me. We’ve had some pro-football players purchase our runners, but would LOVE for a famous female to purchase because brides are often much more decisive and into the planning!

If you could choose 1 item from your shop that you wish every bride could have, what would it be?
A custom aisle runner of course.

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