It’s the little touches here and there that pull a theme together and the same is true for a butterfly theme. Here from the Etsy Wedding Team are some ideas for using beautiful butterflies in your wedding.

Stationery. Your butterfly motif can be used as an icon, an overall pattern or in a monogram repeated throughout your stationery. For a more varied look, use butterflies in new ways. These butterflies fluttering in flight offer a different view. {handmade by}

Jewelry. Wear your theme in jewelry with earrings, bracelets and necklaces that feature butterflies. With many options you can find designs to match your style, from classic to bold. {handmade by}

Hair. With color and stylish accessories, such as crystals and feathers, a butterfly hair accessory can become a statement piece in your bridal look. {handmade by}

Flower Girls and Bridesmaids. Distribute your theme to your wedding party. Shoe clips, cufflinks and headbands are wonderful places to add butterflies. {handmade by}

Ceremony. You don’t have to wait until the reception to use your design motif. Ceremony program, ring pillow and petal cones can all include your butterfly theme. {handmade by}

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