Appleberry Ink’s philosophy on wedding invitations is for them to be beautiful and high quality, yet practical and simple, while still being budget friendly.


What is your name? Teresa Setterlund
Where do you call home? Minneapolis, Minnesota
How old is your business? 10 years
What’s your speciality? Wedding Invitations
Location or coverage of your service / products? International
How I got into weddings: While browsing the internet one day, I stumbled across a wedding invitation website. They weren’t your traditional wedding invitations (you know, envelope in an envelope, 5 random cards, embossed, etc.). I knew that I could design invitations similar to those, so I started experimenting, and the rest is history!
What is your favourite part of a wedding day? The reception dance!
Best piece of advice you’d give to brides and grooms? Slow. Things. Dowwwnnnn… Consciously slow things down on your wedding day. I was given this advice and it really helped! The day will fly by SO freaking fast!!! If you can do your best to soak things in as their happening, it’ll help you better remember the day. <3
What us your dream destination? Italy – I love all of the historical artifacts and artwork.
Any new year resolutions for 2016? Increase sales by adding newer, trendier wedding invitation designs!
Silver or Rose Gold? Rose gold
Peonies or Succulent? Succulent

Appleberry Ink - Member of the Etsy Wedding Team (Invitation)
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