Peacock Printing is a full service custom stationery studio located in Rochester, NY. We print locally, so our turnaround times are quick and our attention to detail is second to none! Contact us for the perfect invitation or decoration for your next special event!


What is your name? Peacock Printing
Where do you call home? Rochester, NY
How old is your business? 6 years
What’s your speciality? Invitations / Stationery
Location or coverage of your service / products? Worldwide
How I got into weddings: I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted for my own wedding, so I made my invitations myself! It was so much fun that I decided to provide a custom design service so other brides could have a hand in designing invitations that were perfect for them too!
What is your favourite part of a wedding day?  was a blur but those moments before walking down the aisle seemed to last forever 🙂
Best piece of advice you’d give to brides and grooms? Take some time together during the day to go someplace alone for a few minutes to reflect on what you both just did! Having a few private moments together will help you to feel less stressed.
What is your dream travel destination?
Anywhere new!
Any new year resolutions for 2016? Be the best me I can be!
Silver or Rose Gold? Anything sparkly, shiny, or glittery!
Peonies or Succulent? All of the above! 

Peacock Printing - mug shot
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