The instant many brides are first engaged their minds are suddenly flooded with all sorts of the ideas and possibilities there are for their wedding. (Some are even dreams from their girlhood!) Then minutes after that may come the moment of panic—where to begin?

We at the Etsy Wedding Team would like to present brides and grooms with an ongoing series known as the “The Wedding To Do List” in which we present all those items on the ever famous brides’ check-off lists, as well as a few neat things you may not even have thought of. We’ll give you hints to help you plan all the details as well as give you some resources and ideas where to find fabulous items to personalize your wedding.

Of course, the first big step is always setting the big date! Once that is done, the very first thing brides and grooms need to do is send out “save the date” notices to their guests. Here are some lovely ideas from members of the Etsy Wedding Team:

If you’re going for a classic and elegant look consider these “Elegant Save the Date Cards” from JustAnotherDay. They’re a good value at $65.00 for 50 postcards. Better yet, the colors can be customized to fit your wedding scheme.For those that like a little bling (very tasteful bling!) visit fubabee to view the “Crystal Swirls Save the Date” card. Your wedding date will be printed on gorgeous pearl shimmery card stock with either a blue or textured black backing. Even more delightful, your guests will be charmed to open the cards and discover they are adorned with eight tiny crystals. Lovely!

If you are looking for something more casual and cute check out the “Cute Flowers Save the Date” cards by PolkaDotsandPaisley. These cards are bright and cheerful with lovely colorful flowers and a modern design. You can also order samples to determine your favorite look before committing to an entire run of cards.

The shops have many more styles to choose from. So be sure to visit and browse if you’re looking for something other than what is pictured.

Stay tuned for features on additional paper items (invitations and more), accessories, gifts and other wedding items.