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Mlle Artsy

Since May 2012, Mademoiselle Arty transmits her passion and creativity with future brides all over North America. She creates unique bouquets made of timeless materials, such as brooches, fabrics, paper and many more. Mademoiselle Artsy works with her clients to create a piece of art that is unique to each bride’s personality and wedding.

Since then, we had the pleasure of being featured in many wedding blogs and magazines and were presented two awards (Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Awards 2016 and Best Unique Business) due to our creativity, the craftsmanship of our product, and our customized service.

What is your name? Stephanie Laliberte
Where do you call home? Gatineau, Quebec (Canada)
How old is your business? Since 2012
What’s your speciality? Brooch bouquets and accessories
Location or coverage of your service / products? Worldwide
How I got into weddings: It all started after the proposal of my prince charming in October 2011. I always loved being different and stand out. I love everything that sparkles, handmade things and I am obsessed about old antique things with lots of character. The idea of a brooch bouquet was perfect for my personality! I decided to make this project a DIY, and from that was born a real passion.
What is your favourite part of a wedding day? The love and joy you can feel in the air on that special day is indescribable. I love seeing the look of the bride and groom when they first see each other during the ceremony. I will always remember the teary eyes and the puppy face of my husband when I walked down the aisle.
Best piece of advice you’d give to brides and grooms? Make this days yours! Let both of your personalities shine threw this wedding! Everybody will want to put their input into your wedding, but always remember that it’s your day, and that it will only happen once!
What is your dream travel destination? Paris. I’ve always had a fascination about the Eiffel tower and all the romance and architecture that surrounds this city.
Any new year resolutions? When you are so passionate about your work, you can easily end up working day and night and not thinking about your personal life. After October 2014, I promised to myself that every year I would make sure I always take time for my little boy and husband. It’s my #1 resolution. This year, I hired two part time employee to make sure I kept that resolution.
To make sure I continue learning and being passionate about my work, I also took the resolution to challenge myself with new exiting projects. So I started giving fabric flower workshop, created a full line of about 10 different accessories for wedding chairs for a regional rental company, and I am working on a line of bridal hairpiece that matches my bridal brooch bouquets.
Rose Gold or Silver? Rose Gold
Peonies or Succulent? Peonies

Stephanie Laliberte - Mlle Artsy
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Blue Orchid Creations

We carefully select each of our flowers to ensure that they are of the highest quality and are committed to creating unique pieces that are full of personality. We enjoy working with each of our brides to ensure that they receive the bouquet of their dreams – a bouquet they absolutely love. We understand that choosing flowers for your wedding is a big decision, and we want to make sure it is an exciting, enjoyable, and fun part of your wedding planning experience.

What is your name? Joy
Where do you call home? Washington, D.C.
How old is your business? Since 2012
What’s your speciality? Silk Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Corsages, Flower Crowns, and Backdrops!
Location or coverage of your service / products? Worldwide
How I got into weddings: When I was planning my own wedding, I knew that I wanted a bouquet that I would be able to keep forever. I loved every minute I spent making my “dream bouquet”, and after the wedding, I started making bouquets for other brides. I opened my shop on Etsy, and the rest is history!
What is your favourite part of a wedding day? When the groom sees the bride for the first time. Whether it’s as she’s walking down the aisle, or before they take their pictures – it’s such a sweet and special moment.
Best piece of advice you’d give to brides and grooms? Enjoy the entire process (including the planning). Don’t let stress get in the way of a wonderful and special experience!
What is your dream travel destination? Fiji, Bora Bora – If it’s tropical and has a beach, I’m ready to go!
Any new year resolutions? My goal is to offer a wider variety of wedding backdrops and garlands for our 2016 brides.
Peonies or Succulent? Both! And of course, eucalyptus

blue-orchid-creations  - Member of the Etsy Wedding Team
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Bride in Bloom Weddings

Bride in Bloom Weddings designs High quality silk & real touch Wedding Bouquets, Bridesmaid Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Corsages, Cake Toppers, Flower girl & Bridal Accessories. Since opening shop in 2009 I have had the privilege in designing wedding flowers for over 3000 brides Worldwide. Bride in Bloom Wedding bouquet designs have been featured in the following Wedding magazines: The wedding planner U.K 2015 spring and summer editions, Occasions weddings 2014 fall edition as well as numerous features in blogs such as Wedding row.


What is your name? Suzie
Where do you call home? Canada
How old is your business? Since 2009
What’s your speciality? Custom Wedding bouquets, Floral wedding décor & Accessories
Location or coverage of your service / products? Worldwide
How I got into weddings: I started working as a floral designer working with fresh and silk flowers in a small town flower shop in 2005. Through the years I was drawn to weddings and soon discovered this to be my specialty and what I loved the most. As I noticed an ever growing trend for destination weddings as well as brides desiring a silk wedding bouquet as a memorable keepsake it encouraged to open my Etsy store and share my bouquets and accessories with brides everywhere. I absolutely love what I do and view it is a great compliment to be chosen as your florist!
What is your favourite part of a wedding day? Definitely the vows! They are a beautiful expression of love & last forever!
Best piece of advice you’d give to brides and grooms? Love! Smile! Enjoy every moment!
What is your dream destination? Rome
Any new year resolutions for 2016? In addition to the staying true to the classic wedding trends of 2016, the team hopes to launch a line of accessories of vintage travel wallet and clutch bag collection that was inspired by their own travels.
Silver or Rose Gold? Rose gold
Peonies or Succulent? Peonies

Bride in Bloom Weddings - Member of Etsy Wedding Team (Flowers)
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