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Out of the Box Wedding Ideas

For couples looking for something a little different, handmade designs offer lots of choices. Some of the most interesting can be repurposed objects used in new, unexpected ways. Looking to show your originality? Here are 5 handmade wedding items from the Etsy Wedding Team that break out of the norm.

Flowers that aren’t. Button bouquets can be a sweet permanent floral arrangement that works well for vintage and glamorous weddings alike. Other interesting permanent floral ideas include clay flowers and fabric flowers. {handmade by}

Ring Pillows that aren’t. There’s great variety in ring pillows for your wedding. And increasingly there’s lots of choice in non-pillow options as well. Ceramic, baskets and even carved wood are some unique ideas for handmade weddings. {handmade by}

Save the dates that do. Who says your stationery has to be actual stationery. With bookmarks, magnets, calendars and even floppy disks, couples tend to have a little more fun with their save the dates. But you can also carry that into your later wedding stationery, especially if you have a strong theme. {handmade by}

Guest books that aren’t. How about a guest box instead where guest write notes for the couple on cards? Other ideas for unique guest books: postcards, fabric and stones that guests can leave personal messages on. {handmade by}

Necklaces without jewelry. Fabric necklaces can be even more stunning than jeweled ones. In addition to fabric flowers, lace, beading and clay appliqués can add beauty and interest to your bridal necklace. {handmade by}

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Handmade Wedding Theme: Birds

Birds can be a perfect theme for weddings. Weddings do center around love birds after all. From the Etsy Wedding Team, here are five ways to incorporate birds into your wedding style.

Iconic Birds. With a bird theme you can use birds as a large graphic element, or as part of a larger design as seen in this wedding invitation. {handmade by}

Nests. Play off the idea of birds by incorporating nests. From alternative ring pillows to jewelry there are many ways to use nest designs during your ceremony and reception. {handmade by}

Feathers. Both whimsical and elegant, feathers add texture and dimension to wedding designs. {handmade by}

Bird Seed. For the send off or as wedding favors, bird seed can carry a bird theme to the very end of your wedding. {handmade by}

Peacocks. Great for vintage and elegant weddings, peacocks can be used to add high style to your wedding. {handmade by}

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Handmade Wedding Style Ideas for the Modern Bride

Influenced by current styles and options, modern weddings can be nontraditional, sleek and fashionable. Here are 5 ideas from the Etsy Wedding Team to create a modern style wedding using handmade touches.
Structural Embellishments. In addition putting to embellishments onto a design, modern style also uses embellishments that are part of how the item is made for a very high-end, unique look. For example, in this wedding gown much of the stunning design comes from folds that are part of the dress. {handmade by}

New Functions. Modern style takes a fresh look at what we use and how. In this example the ring pillow is transformed into a handmade ring tray that you can use in your home after the ceremony. {handmade by}

Geometric Patterns. Use them light or bold, either way geometric patterns read very modern. And they are not just for your stationery design, table settings and fabric, such as this purse can have geometric pattern too. {handmade by}

Nontraditional Choices. For modern style in your stationery, look for nontraditional layout, font and embellishment choices. Different formats, such as three-dimensional pieces, or different shapes have a modern feel too. {handmade by}

Simple, Clean Design. The hallmark of modern design is simplicity. That can mean simple shapes or simple adornment, or both. {handmade by}

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