Hearts are a simple, sweet motif option for your wedding stationery. They can be dressed up, stripped down and reinterpreted in many modern ways. When you want to wear your heart on your wedding stationery, here are some ideas from the Etsy Wedding Team:

Heart shaped favor tags

Heart Shaped
The heart shape is a classic. Here it’s styled with a unique scalloped edge.
{handmade by DesignCircus}


Sweet Heart Handmade Invitation Set

Sweet Hearts
Use hearts with a cool idea and it breathes fresh life into your designs.
{handmade by cutthecakedesigns}


clever heart wedding invitation

Clever Hearts
Hearts are so versatile they can replace letters or parts of letters and make your stationery more fun.
{handmade by merrymint}


Modern heart theme wedding menu

Embellished Heart
Or hearts can take on a more rugged look with artful additions.
{handmade by greenquince}


Rustic Country Heart Wedding Invitation
Rustic Heart
Hearts can also capture the theme of your wedding, in this case a country theme.
{Handmade by ImbueYouIDo}


Find more handmade inspiration by searching “etsyweddingteam” on Etsy

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